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The Biosecurity Portal (BSP) is a jointly funded initiative between the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) and Plant Health Australia (PHA) to provide a centralised repository and gateway to online biosecurity information for collaboration and sharing. In essence, the BSP aims to strengthen Australia’s biosecurity research, surveillance, diagnostic and response capability, by enabling researchers, industry and governments, to collaborate, use expertise, share data, information, and generate intelligence using leading edge tools and technologies made available through the BSP’s online workspaces.

At the completion of the department’s development funding for the Biosecurity Portal there will be a self-supporting operational system (including hardware, software and maintenance) that can be marketed to researchers, industry and governments that delivers against its core purposes.

  • Collaborative workspaces and knowledge bases
  • Advanced workflow automation
  • Low cost web hosting services
  • Centralised information repositories and sharing

National Plant Surveillance Reporting Tool

The National Plant Surveillance Reporting Tool (NPSRT) allows government and industry surveillance coordinators from across Australia to enter and retrieve plant pest surveillance information through an online database.

The surveillance information captured provides a measure of national surveillance effort to support Australia’s plant health status. Reliable surveillance information can be used to address national and international market access issues, identify and plan surveillance activities and track surveillance activities across Australia in a standardised and consistent manner.

NPSRT users maintain the database by providing information on government and industry surveillance programs and by entering surveillance activity against these programs on a quarterly basis.

 Access to the National Plant Surveillance Reporting Tool

The documents in the National Plant Surveillance Reporting Tool are currently only accessible to a limited number of administrators and managers in relevant jurisdictions.


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For more information or assistance contact the administrator of the NPSRT Tool: [email protected]